Our Team

Our expertise ranges from start up organizations in the process of developing their business plans and strategies to well established multinational corporations. Since 1989 we have worked with clients in a broad range of sectors locally, regionally and internationally, delivering timely, accurate and cost-effective corporate finance solutions.

The team at Evans & Evans is based in offices across Canada and Asia. We are well represented in Alberta and Ontario and have strong connections across Canada.

Evans & Evans is particularly well positioned in Asia, a market that represents a significant component of our practise. Specifically, we have been involved in China and other parts of Asia for our 20 years working with companies in a number of capacities including:

  • Assisting Asian private companies to go public in North America
  • Buy-side mergers & Acquisitions work with companies based on China and Asia
  • Facilitating commerce between North America and Asian companies including setting up joint ventures, marketing and distribution arrangements

The majority of Evans & Evans staff are fluent in English and Chinese; thus, we are especially capable to work with Chinese companies in a broad range of business activities.